Worm Composting Advice

Worm Composting Advice

Some great Worm Composting viagra and performance anxiety Advice from a real ‘worm expert’. Marjorie Peronto discusses the benefits and cialis 5mg preço best methods of worm composting,

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and how to build your own worm composting container at home. She advises on red wigglers for the compost (and I agree). I love (sorry honey) my worms, and have to

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defend their ‘aroma’ whaen I am moving them about! Really worth trying, and all of our cooked food as well as other wastage goes to these little chaps to recycle.  

16 responses to “Worm Composting Advice”

  1. vlliw says:

    Best video (most complete) I’ve seen on this subject. Keep up the good

  2. CapeCodGirl77 says:

    Best video I have seen on here! Thanks… Awesome job!

  3. Gerard Lionel says:

    thank you, informative.

  4. Bryan Klein says:

    Great stuff! Set up my own this afternoon!

  5. samhellion says:

    fowl critters / gorey smells

  6. Larry Macc says:

    Very informative. Thanks!

  7. Peter Martin says:

    Very good video easy to understand…

  8. raven johnson says:

    composting rules YAY go spring time

  9. John P Child says:


  10. yes350yes says:

    Very nice demo and explanation of process. I have found though that worms
    will roam and if they have 1/4″ holes you may find a worm out from time to
    time. I use 1/8′ holes and more of them and none in the lid and the worms
    stay put. This is a 19gal tote in which I have shredded cardboard and
    leaves and winter squash. After 1month a half shell of squash is finally
    softening up. The worms have been working constantly never showing up even
    on the sides of the bin. I have about 1 lb of worms in this bin.

  11. Susan Britton-Seyler says:


  12. kirstine curle says:

    *Worm Farming Secrets – Discover how the professionals are running their
    successful worm farms! Use the same techniques to run your own …*

  13. unicorns.R.real says:

    Black GOLD! 

  14. Kennethe Miller says:

    Can we feed sweet bell pepper scraps? Thankyou for this info. Ms.Peronto.

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