Worm Composting Advice

Worm Composting Advice

Some great Worm Composting Advice from a ‘worm expert’. Marjorie Peronto discusses the benefits and best methods of worm composting, and how to build your own worm composting container at home.

She advises on red wigglers for the compost (and I agree).

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  1. vlliw says:

    Best video (most complete) I’ve seen on this subject. Keep up the good

  2. CapeCodGirl77 says:

    Best video I have seen on here! Thanks… Awesome job!

  3. Gerard Lionel says:

    thank you, informative.

  4. Bryan Klein says:

    Great stuff! Set up my own this afternoon!

    1. colin says:

      excellent – good luck with the worms

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