What Is An Organic Vegetable Garden?

Organic Vegetable Garden

There is a lot of hard work there is in growing vegetables – digging, weeding, crop rotation, watering, fertilizing, planting winter crops, resting beds, spraying pests and weeds – the list goes on and on. So try to imagine a vegetable garden or herb garden that didn’t need any of these things. Imagine a garden that never had pests, never needed digging, didn’t need to be rested in winter, had no need for crop rotation, had virtually no weeds, needed very little water and virtually looked after itself. But to top all that off, this organic vegetable garden produces many times more than a traditional vegetable garden and regenerates itself year after year, all by itself. Organic Vegetable GardenHow could such an organic vegetable garden like this exist? Well, the answer is in nature itself.. natural ecosystems are very healthy and diverse and don’t

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require human interference. If we are able to take the same natural laws that are found in nature and apply them to our garden, we are able to reproduce the same results. And that’s exactly what the Food4Wealth method has done. The Food4Wealth method is simply based on science, following very sound ecological principles.

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It’s a way of setting up a natural ecosystem (ie an organic vegetable garden) using edible plants, and it uses the types of

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plants we all like to eat. The special planting arrangement mimics nature so the same interdependent relationships between the living components exist. These relationships are mutually beneficial for the various components, so the organic vegetable garden actually runs all by itself. The people in the family who own the Food4Wealth plot are actually one of the important living components. They perform a similar task to a grazing animal in a natural ecosystem. The Food4Wealth plot actually benefits from regular harvesting, just as a natural ecosystem benefits from regular grazing. These plots are so prolific, that they need almost daily harvesting. Regular harvesting maintains the ideal vegetation balance required to run the garden like a natural ecosystem. It’s the ultimate win win situation. Harvesting is good for the people, but it’s also good for the garden. The biggest challenge that faces modern agricultural practices is to incorporate pest ecology, plant ecology, soil ecology and crop management into a method that is reliable and efficient. And until now, that has never been achieved. The Food4Wealth method naturally combines all of these factors without any effort. You see, nature has had these things under control for millions of years. It’s only humans who have made things more complicated. But the path is now clear, because Food4Wealth has laid the foundations for a healthier, more efficient and reliable way to grow food. It’s a simple method that sets things up as nature intended, so that problems simply don’t exist. Hope that introduces the concept of an organic vegetable garden.. now do something about it!   Jonathan White

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