Spinach is Good for You

Spinach is good for you

Spinach is a highly nutritious vegetable, well just look at its colour.. It contains plenty of iron, but also has a very distinctive flavour when cooked, you just know it is good for you (eh Popeye?).

spinach picIt is in many ways the perfect leaf green – mild flavored and soft in texture, and very easy to cook. You can add fresh spinach to most dishes, and it is now available all year round.┬áSpinach, as are other green leafy vegetables,is very rich in iron.

For centuries spinach has been used in sweet and savory tarts, curries, and soups. Also great as a pizza topping, or in authentic pasta sauces, pesto, and of course in omelets. Also good to add to a salad (I like baby spinach for this purpose).

As it is so versatile, consider growing spinach in your garden this year – you will be well rewarded. I will be writing more on growing spinach so watch this site.


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