Raised Beds in The Garden

Even if you only have only a small plot of land to garden in, you should consider raised beds in the garden. They can work very well where large gardens are not practical. Here is a video showing how to create and use raised beds in the garden or on your patio.

So if you do not have a lot of your own land in which to plant your garden, think about how to use raised beds in your garden to create a haven for growing your choice of vegetables and herbs. Actually easier to plant and maintain as you can avoid stooping down to manage your plants as they grow!

So head down to the garden centre or DIY store and get hold of some plain pieces of timber and build your own raised bed at home, Or if you prefer you can buy a prepacked raised bed kit. Then put it together and fill up with top quality topsoil, and compost. Then you are ready to start growing in earnest.

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