November Gardening

November Gardening Tasks

November is a great time to tidy up the garden, and get ready for next year.

You can start by pruning any apple trees and pear trees as soon as they become dormant. Leave plum trees, cherry trees and apricot trees until next summer as winter pruning leaves them susceptible to silver leaf disease.

fallen leaves

fallen leaves

Leaves everywhere like me? After clearing your gutters of dead leaves, sweep up and collect all the fallen leaves as soon as you can (while still freshly fallen is best) and put them to good use for the winter. If you haven’t already built a compost zone in your garden, build a compost bin if you have the time and fill with the fall / autumn leaves, debris from pruned fruit trees, and other dead or cut plant material.. make sure you layer these plant materials with grass clippings or vegetable kitchen waste to aid the composting process.

Be careful to segregate diseased leaves if you have many – avoid composting these if you can – particularly from your roses as diseases such as blackspot and rust will over-winter in this debris. Add them to your normal household waste.


Now is a great time to plant garlic while the soil is still workable. If you don’t have the space for growing garlic at the moment consider spring-planting garlic or growing garlic in containers.

Raspberries can be planted any time between now and March, provided the soil is  not frozen over or waterlogged. Plant the raspberry canes in a sunny or semi-shaded position on rich fertile soil for bumper crops.

This time of year is generally good for propagating your favourite plants, take cuttings near the stem, dip into some propagating powder to help along, and plant in containers so they avoid the coming frosts.

So as you can see there is plenty to be getting on with as the evenings are closing in and days are getting shorter, but it is still mild enough.

Happy gardening!


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    Ah, haha, is that tomoto plant for real. No I’m not flailng for this one. They grow upside down. That cracked me up. I miss having a garden in my apartment in highrise. After one of the? neighbours caused concrete cancer to the building by having a garden on the balcony, we can’t even have a potted ficcus now. Great garden. Blessings FLETCHER

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