My little Garden

Welcome to my little herbs and vegetable garden!!

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    25 responses to “My little Garden”

    1. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      I got from one of our relative. Usually that’s the only way you can get from someone. I have never seen anywhere else. Ask may be all your friends or relatives! Great luck

    2. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      It’s rented property but yes, it has good backyard. Thanx

    3. useranand says:

      liked your house backyard, its huge ::)

    4. efyin says:

      hi can u tell me where did u get this tea plant .i really miss that flavor in my tea here but dont know where to get it.

    5. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      Thanx. Your words also inspire me to show more..Keep enjoying.

    6. npriya11 says:

      You are very inspiring.. I tried some of your dishes in the similar way you taught and they came out really well. Million thanks and keep it up !!

    7. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      Try to find at temples if you happen to go. Ask friends and family who might have or their family friends. I got mine from our family friend. Will show more herb planting vids but did you watch how to grow fenugreek leaves? If not watch and will get lot of ideas of growing Indian herbs. enjoy!

    8. jyoths007 says:

      Hi Bhavna….I liked your garden…u say its little garden but actually its huge….
      by seeing u’r vedio …even i got inspired and planning to have one…I am fond of Tulsi plant…can u plz tell me whr did u buy ? from which store? i have been trying here but no luck…Also plz share vedios on hw to plant herbs…

    9. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      I usually get plant.

    10. muneerpj says:

      Can you tell me how to plant curry leaves? are you getting curry leaves plant like that? or starting from stick?

    11. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      Good question, some of the plants die and some we keep in our garage and keep around 11:00am outside for half and hour sun shine. Put it back in garage.

    12. muneerpj says:

      what happens to your garden in winter?

    13. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      Most but not all. I usually get plants from curry patta, tulsi. Rest seeds. But you can grow curry patta and tulsi from seeds as well. Thanx

    14. kumar274 says:

      Hi bhawna
      I like your garden.. You grow amzing indian plants.. Good for you..
      Anyway I have a quesstion please tell me all the plants you have a started from seeds?

    15. celticraider1 says:

      Now thats what I call gardening! nice to see

    16. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      I don’t brind plants from India. My parents send me some seeds whenever I want through postal services. Some plants I got from family friends here.

    17. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      Hi Sure

    18. radha603 says:

      hey bhavna..i am waiting for ur CHALUPAS recipe.post it soon.thanku.

    19. radha603 says:

      hey bhavna but what about egg plant and all..dnt they check u at the airport?

    20. radha603 says:

      hey bhavna how u managed to get the plants here? from india? dnt they chech u at the customes at airport.

    21. radha603 says:

      hey bhavna how u managed to get the plants here? from india? dnt they chech u at the customes at airport.

    22. radha603 says:

      hey bhavna how u managed to get the plants here? from india? dnt they chech u at the customes at airport.

    23. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      Yes, Tulsi is called basil in English but Indian basil is different than here in the USA. But you can give it a try.

    24. SuperVeggieDelight says:

      I live in Florida. It would be hard in NY but you can try few during good weather condition. About water, it depends on weather condition and plant nature. So let me know for which plant you want to know. Thanx

    25. ncshah0 says:

      hi can u tell me how many times u need to water this plant. i leave in NY and weather is really very bad. will plants survive.
      are u in USA

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