Indoor Herb Gardening

Here are a few of my tips on herb gardening indoors that replicate conditions in an outdoor garden.

  1. The secret to growing indoor herbs is to make sure that the growing climate is pretty much the same as the climate outside.
  2. Buy your young herb plants from a good garden center nursery. You will need some garden equipment like a small digging garden tool, garden gloves, organic fertilizer and some small gardening containers. You probably already have most of these garden supplies in your garden shed anyway.
  3. Soil is key to successfully growing herbs indoors. Use only top grade potting soil, with an organic fertilizer mixed in. Fertilize while potting the herbs and they should be happy until spring. If you have an herb that is not growing vigorously add a little organic liquid fertilizer to the water.
  4. When it comes to watering, don’t let the herbs dry out but as mentioned don’t drown them either. A good idea is to put water in the pot tray, and let it soak in to the roots this way. Use room temperature water.
  5. When you go to transplant the herb into a larger container, go one inch up in the size of the gardening container. If the plant is in a two inch pot, go to a three inch gardening container. Leave the roots alone as best you can, although they may need a little loosening if they are very settled in the original pot. And be very careful not to bruise the stem.
  6. Most herbs can share containers, but don’t plant oregano, mint, lemon balm or bee balm with other plants because they will overgrow everything. Pot these herbs in a garden container all of their own. Some people put garden stones in the bottom of the gardening container, but this is your choice – I don’t as they take up valuable soil space.
  7. When it comes to light, all herbs must get 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day on your window sill. If your window doesn’t supply that much light, then purchase garden grow lights, and hang them three inches above the plants. If you live in a very hot climate shade the herbs during the hottest periods. If you live in a very cold climate keep the herbs away from the cold glass window panes.

If you follow all of these steps you will have a healthy and happy indoor herb garden all year round.

If you would like more herb information check my book on how to grow herbs.

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