How to Plant a Potted Herb Garden

Tips on How to Plant a Potted Herb Garden. It’s container herb garden made easy this week on Six Minute Style.

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23 responses to “How to Plant a Potted Herb Garden”

  1. bnmuzic says:

    i learned a lot! thank you.

  2. YourGardenShow says:

    interesting project!

  3. NaeJoy says:

    Americans are retarded, they can’t say “herb”

  4. 123Chimmy321 says:

    stop crying

  5. pabfy12H says:

    This is a great idea for small yards or patios. I was thinking mint, parsley, chives and lemon balm for myself. Very nice video. 🙂

  6. 1987iantaylor says:

    ha ha erbs!!! smoke da erb man

  7. kharma79696 says:

    im sick of you filthy brits commenting on american videos and their grammar why dont you watch some of your toothless bad acting videos instead of ours – all you pansies do is complain and wine about things by the way you tube is AMERICAN so make your own network and we promise we wont care to go there ha ha ha the english suck!!!

  8. decibellphysics says:

    Thanks for the cool video I planted two pots of herbs…I think I overwatered them and I used a carp fish fertiliser it smells like a dead fish is this bad….

  9. fairshare614 says:

    i’ve been wanting to have one like this..thanks for the idea…

  10. SuperSDavey says:

    erb….haha stupid american..

  11. rokkelbc says:

    You can pronounce the word either way. In the statesit’s usually pronounced with the h silent so calm down lol.

  12. creamandblack says:

    “erbs” ugggghhh stop saying it like that! So painful! SAY HERBS

  13. colebeep says:

    If you start reading thins you CANT stop .Once ther was a little girl named Cecilia.She was a little 7 year old who got strangled and raped by a man =.If you dont post this to 15 other videos you will see CCecilia standing at the end of your bed with a knife and she will kill you
    You have to do this by midnight or you will be dead

  14. TheBrassHole says:

    Omg she is so horny… wtf

  15. emeraldsunsets says:


  16. tinamarie19752008 says:

    love it!!!:)

  17. stewdogg42 says:

    Is that the lady from “Medium”?

  18. anandsny says:

    thanx …very informative …can u pls tell me what soil did u use …potting or garden soil …n after how long can i start to pinch and please how to do that

  19. Lori074 says:

    thanks god video, best i found on here

  20. emforty2 says:

    life and food would be boring without Herbs

  21. JimbowT says:

    Susan, Great video.
    Herbs are the spice of life…thaks for sharing 🙂

  22. willberb says:

    Chop your intro down as with dill or spindoni aka mindoli. Good luck.

  23. Takencxp says:

    great video THANKS….

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