How to Grow in Containers

Container growing is a great way to grow many vegetables, the majority of herbs and some fruits too, speciallyfor the organic gardener . This is particularly right if you have limited outside space or your soil conditions and or weather are not suitable for raising vegetables and fruit in the garden ordinarily.

If you are new to gardening or want to promote your children , container growing is a great place to begin . Watching those first shoots rise from the surface is both fun and rewarding and for those who are unable to or cannot dig a garden, an easy way to grow your own organic produce .

This simple way of growing is cheap any pot or vessel is suitable. Providing it has a whole in the bottom for drainage, which is very significant or your plants will get waterlogged and die. A larger container is more ideal , particularly for growing bigger vegetable or fruits. Before you do anything make sure the container is well scrubbed and cleaned particually if it has been grown in previously , pests and disease will kill your young planting so take special care.

With Container Planting you can get a head start from the normal planting season outside and without the extra disbursement of a greenhouse or cold frame. Sow your seeds in the warm indoors in early springtime and move them out leisurely as the weather warms up, during the day at first, taking them in at night when frost is at risk.

Always use a fresh organic compost and soil mixture, do not be tempted to skimp and use existing soil from an old container that has been grown in before. It is unlikely to have any good nutrients left to help your new plants grow, and will almost certainly contain pest or diseases to. After planting feed with a good organic fertilizer on a regular basis to ensure you get the best harvesting.

When starting out with Container Growing small crops are best , salad leaves, lettuce, herbs and strawberries grow well. Organic tomatoes and peppers are also worth growing along with some fruits which will do well on a sunny balcony or terrace. Try growing the crops that you and your family love most,

it will make the whole experience that more rewarding and worthwhile especially for young children .

When growing fast maturing produce like lettuce or salad leaves, it is alright to grow something else in the same compost subsequently, but not from the same family for example not salad afer salad lettuce after lettuce. Just clear out the roots and debris add a little more soil and sow your next crop, Maybe something like spring onion or dwarf beans after lettuce.

Since container gardening conditions are very dissimilar from those found outside in a normal kitchen garden, where crops grow freely in the soil , a different regime is required in order to come through. The way you grow your crops will also depend on weather they are a seasonal planting or something you intend to grow on such as a small fruit tree like a fig tree or similar that will do well in a container .

Keeping your container crops watered is vital to make sure a plentiful crop and healthy plants, containers plants will quickly use up water especially in hot weather and will need a constant supply. If your thinking of a vacation makes sure a friend is on hand to take over the watering or you will return to a garden with little living .

When you are growing your own organic plants  fruit and vegetable in Pots you know where it has come from, nothing is fresher than picking it directly from the plant and eating it. No chemicals or pesticides have been used, it is as fresh and healthy as nature intended. Nothing is more worthwhile than growing your own vegetables it is something

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you will love and a great hobby for everyone in the family and something that will also save you cash too!

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