How To Combat Vegetables Predators

The most typical techniques to combat plant enemies is the use of pesticides and fungicides and the mechanical defense to the crops. The most ecologically friendly is the mechanical defense because it cuts back the utilization of chemical substances however it is much more pricey.

Mechanical Vegetables Defense

The easiest method to safeguard your crops is to utilize a covered frame. This is made up of a wooden common box, some 18 inches to two feet square and about eight high, covered with glass, protecting cloth, insect netting or insect wire. This also offers other advantages like: retaining warm and protecting the crops from bad weather.

A different advantage of having a covered frame is always that the crops mature more rapidly as well as the gardener can use them earlier. This is the strategy of getting early cucumbers, all kinds of peppers, melons and other vegetables. Remember all pants need water to grow. So having water hose reel is a must.

Additional common

choices for protecting newly-set crops, like tomato vegetables or cabbage from dangerous bugs and bad weather are firm, tin, cardboard or tar paper collars. They are made several cm high and large enough for being put around the stem and they are introduced into the soil (about 2-3 cm).

Pesticides and Fungicides

You should try to keep the pesticides and fungicides to the smallest amount. If they are essential try using organic ones. The poison powders should be restricted to a single apply. It is best to utilize a hand-power or compressed-air sprayers. For more extensive work a barrel pump, mounted on wheels, will probably be advantageous, but one of several above will do a substantial amount of work fast.

For small scale works a good hand-syringe may be used, but experienced gardeners suggest investing in a small tank sprayer. The little tank sprayer has the benefit of throwing a continuous stream or spray and holds a far larger quantity of the spraying solution. So make use of mechanical plant defense techniques if you can have the funds for it. If not use organic pesticides and fungicides. If you want to know more this subject read the gardening tips site.

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