How Garlic Can Help

Garlic is one of the best healers in the herbal empire, and this is a short article on how garlic can help in maintaining a healthy and protective diet.

Among its many attributes – garlic reduces blood cholesterol, will stabilise blood-sugar levels, and is a really important natural antibiotic.

Garlic will also help people with allergies – by clearing out allergens and heavy metals from your body.

Regular eating of garlic will help to lower blood cholesterol, and may even help to prevent heart disease. It will do thsi by raising the levels of haemoglobin and red blood cell count, particularly helpful for people suffering from anaemia.

Statistics show that in countries where garlic is eaten frequently (Italy, France, Asian countries) – the immune systems of the indigenous population are generally more effective in fighting off cancer.

Garlic is helpful for diabetics too, as it helps stabilise blood sugar levels and encourages the pancreas to produce insulin.

Garlic will normalise the metabolism, and detoxify the body’s systems by binding with heavy metals and other harmful pollutants and then destroying them.

It is also believed by some that garlic can help treat male dysfunction – in certain forms it can stimulate the production of nitric oxide synthase, which is primarily responsible for penile erection.

This article only skims the surface of the health benefits from eating garlic regularly. Look around this site to learn more about this great herb.


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