Herbs and Spices – All about Ginger

Herbs and Spices – All about Ginger

I have just written and published my new eBook on herbs and spices – all about one of my favorites – Ginger. online viagra


This is now available on Amazon, and for download to your Kindle reader.

I really enjoyed pulling this together – the book features a history of ginger, the various medicinal uses of ginger, and – of cours – how to grow ginger at home.

Whether you want to grow ginger in a container (may be determined by your local climate!) or grow ginger in your garden, this book has some easy steps to guide you. And to round it off, no herb book would be complete without some tantalizing recipes, and I have oulined my favorite ginger recipes which you really should try out.

The book can be found here – all about ginger. Enjoy. Colin

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    1. Evelyn J says:

      Hi, I have just finished reading your kindle book on ginger and wondered if you might help with more information please?

      Do you know if all ginger is edible? I have a white flowering ginger and would like help with identifying if it is the edible kind or if it only ornimental. I can send a return photo if you email us. Our ginger flowers early February every year.

      Also, what part of the world are you based in? We are on the Northern NSW East coast hinterland of Australia.

      Thanks, Evelyn J

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