Herbal Plant Remedies : Herbs: St. John’s Wort for Depression

The St. John’s Wort herb treats depression better than many pharmaceutical antidepressants, and it can be prepared as a tea steeped in boiling water. Use St. John’s Wort to alleviate depression with tips from a nutraceutical supervisor in this free video on herbal remedies. Expert: Miss Dimple Singh Bindra Bio: Miss Dimple Singh Bindra is a nutraceutical supervisor in Bio Neutrix, NY She has done clinical studies in herbs from Micro Logix Lab, New York. Filmmaker: babai das

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    1. medinar1985 says:

      read recently that the Saint Johnswort to combat depression, anxiety, inhibition, shyness, migraine, asthma, behavior problems in general has psychiatric and physical benefits and the GNC Store of vitamins sold Saint Johnswort under the name of SJW.

    2. MsVenaLuna says:

      @Christisms Running causes high blood pressure. So does sex. High blood pressure isn’t a bad thing unless it’s because your arteries are clogged, in which case you’re fucked anyway, and should prepare to be squashed and sponged by the healthcare system, who actually do nothing but take advantage of your vulnerability.

    3. MsVenaLuna says:

      @hesellsmystuff That’s probably some crap you heard off a “reputable” drug company.

    4. MsVenaLuna says:

      @hesellsmystuff Not true. Have you taken it? I have, and I got none of that.

    5. mkf272 says:

      I take this for depression and it works very well.

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