Herb Book – How to Grow Garlic

Herb Book – How To Grow Garlic

I have written and published an eBook as part of my series on herbs and spices – this one is all about Garlic.

What a wonderful tasty and useful herb garlic is..used all over the world.

The book is available on for download to your Kindle reader, or you can get a hardcopy here.  If you would prefer a pdf instead enter your email details on the left and I will contact you directly with details on how to get this.

I really enjoyed pulling this together – the book features a history of garlic, the various medicinal uses of garlic, and – of course – how to grow garlic at home.

Whether you want to grow garlic in a container (may be determined by your local climate!) or in your garden, or on a deck,  this book has some easy steps to guide you.  And to round it off, no herb book would be complete without some tantalizing recipes, and I have oulined my favorite easy-to-cook garlic recipes which you really should try out.

Kindle copy can be found here – all about garlic.    Enjoy.   Colin


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