Growing Herbs : How to Grow Ginger

In order to grow ginger, make sure the environment is never lower than 40 degrees, and try to grow it in the hottest and sunniest spot where do you buy viagra available. Grow ginger, a plant with beautiful red, how much does cialis cost in australia yellow and viagra cialis http://chineseviagra-fromchina.com/ levitra differenze orange 1 canadian online pharmacy flowers, with tips from an experienced viagra usa gardener in this free video on gardening and growing buy buyrealviagraonline-cheap.com cialis online france herbs. genericviagra4u-totreat.com viagra online usa Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: www.vanveenbulbs.com Bio: Yolanda canadian pharmacy meds Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

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  1. Swammich says:


    Can anyone who speaks this man’s “language” be so kind as to interpret? This post is positively incoherent.

  2. fishtankbank says:

    acualy the internet was first developed in the us. it was first used to transfer info between universities.

  3. Energi2DmaxX says:

    I love ginger, It taste great and works great for nausea, i had a upset belly and put a teaspoon of ginger powder in water it burned a bit but soothed the beast in my belly 🙂

  4. bdragonlove79 says:

    well, I like how to talk about the ginger I did not know how the plant was thanks a lot

  5. bikemaninasia says:

    so you think it was an American do you, well that just about sum’s up[ how up your own arses you are and guess what, we make all the shit and get very rich on it while you morons have no money, no economy and and even think Europe is an island off the coast of America,,keep it up you fat fucks

  6. RyanSC12 says:

    just remember who invented the computer and internet you are you using right now

  7. bikemaninasia says:

    just remember who invented the fucking language you arsehole your the twats who bastardise it, you think you can add a little frnech to say erb instead of herb, most of you incestuous arseholes dont not know real english and never will as you all like in cloud cuckoo land

  8. RyanSC12 says:

    Typical British, thinking they are better than everyone.

  9. bikemaninasia says:

    seems you also cant even write correct English which is about right for a nation of pricks who bastardise everything they come into contact with

  10. 7188181 says:

    Sounds like another anti-American limey who thinks Americans are in the stone ages. If you don’t like their way of talking or their measurement system, who do you watch the video? Why don’t you go find a “proper British” version that’s to your liking?

  11. bikemaninasia says:

    God when will you people learn to speak correctly, Its not an irb its a bloody herb. Why cant you understand that no one knows what degrees F are, seems US is still using this antiquated system like miles and inches.Typical Americans assume everytone is as far behind the rest of the planet as they are. The fall, is that abnd from UK, or do you mean Autumn time.

  12. rjt808 says:

    I got what I think is a red ginger cutting, and I have it in a container with water, hoping the roots will grow before I put it in soil. Should I be doing anything else or differently? thanks…

  13. ToyMaster83 says:

    Potting soil – but add sand and vermiculite or perlite about 50% sand 40% potting mix and ten percent perlite or vermiculite. This ensures the rhizome can breathe and doesn’t get water logged. People tend to overwater indoor plants. The good drainage of the pot contents will counter (to a degree) overwatering. But DO not water often indoors. Check the soil with your fingers to see how damp it is and water if needed. 🙂

  14. CerealPest says:

    The fluoride & Aspartame have worked their charms.

  15. spyknife says:

    I HATE ginger. YUCK.

  16. ericjamir says:

    there is a new technology for planting ginger… do you have any?? i’m searching it hard to have 1… it is new and one of a kind.

  17. sara46762 says:

    what kind of soil for it?

  18. socialtalker1 says:

    i am gonna grow some in the tires.

  19. mardzvin says:

    hello im jun frm phl. what soil do u used actual i start using in bags.

  20. 8859056 says:

    Would you please suggest what soil I should use to grow ginger in a pot indoors.

  21. john5o says:

    very good advice thank you now I want to try what you sugest

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