Growing Herbs : Growing Cilantro

Cilantro is an herb used in making salsa, dips, enchiladas, and other Mexican food dishes. Learn how to grow cilantro in your own herb garden in this free video. Expert: Stan DeFreitas Contact: www.mrgt.net Bio: Stan DeFreitas, also known as “Mr. Green Thumb”, has experience as an urban horticulturist working for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at the St. Petersburg College. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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25 responses to “Growing Herbs : Growing Cilantro”

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  2. segarza says:

    Okay, to end this word war…let’s agree to call it a new universal 21st century name like uhmm……..zerb, terb, or nerb. Or are those words already in use?

  3. Lucidamy74 says:


    lol whatever, I’m not going to argue with you. find someone else, have a nice day!! 😀

  4. aparaajita10 says:

    @Lucidamy74 oh, so it does work, I did manage to stick a needle in your over inflated fragile ego? Boy, I must be good…I can’t believe I did it. Either it’s that or you are really fragile

  5. aparaajita10 says:

    @Lucidamy74 are u talking from experience?

  6. Lucidamy74 says:


    also I never claimed to be funny, I think you need to smoke your Herb. goodbye.

  7. Lucidamy74 says:


    you weren’t kidding, you told the next person how much it bothers you and makes you itchy fingered with the need to react. Get it right you silly!

  8. aparaajita10 says:

    @Lucidamy74 so was I. How come some of the folks who claim to be funny cannot recognize funny? Or is it that they were being rude to begin with & then hid behind the “joking” curtain when caught?

  9. mnmattman says:

    Dont be pissing my friends off today!!!! I am in a mood!!!

  10. ludacrisbutler says:

    @aparaajita10 you sir or ma’am are just as ignorant as the people you are describing.

  11. mnmattman says:

    Dont be pissing my friends off today!!!! I am in a mood!!!

  12. Lucidamy74 says:


    pffft whatever, you don’t need to be rude…chill ……………….:) I was just joking. I’ll call cilantro erb if I want!

  13. segarza says:

    @GardenCalifornia Not to start an argument or anything but…..I think the Chicken came first…for the egg will not hatch without the Chicken laying on it. So if the egg came first, it would just sit there and rot. That’s my story and I’m stick’in to it!

  14. aparaajita10 says:

    @segarza Personally, I dgra about such things. But the attitude that is displayed is one of the few peeves I have, It just gives me itchy fingers & I have this eerie need to react…kind of like a reflex action.

  15. segarza says:

    @aparaajita10 Oh, come on now…we’re not that bad. I don’t know why the word “herb” is pronounced “erb” over here. Is doesn’t make any sense to me either. Somebody long ago got us started and we just accepted it I guess. It’s all good.

  16. aparaajita10 says:

    @Lucidamy74 It is herb every where else in the world except usa. Oh, but I forgot that for the americans, nothing exists beyond the “sea to shining sea” & they are the sole inhabitants & creators of the universe DDD

  17. aparaajita10 says:

    @segarza yes, you have to go to the fertility center.

  18. hawk458 says:

    search for cilantros properties

  19. Lucidamy74 says:


    it’s erb not HERB lol

  20. GardenCalifornia says:

    @paranoidboytoy — he also said let it dry between waterings.

  21. GardenCalifornia says:

    @Joelby81 Depends where you live. Country to country its different. Its like arguning weather the chicken or the egg came first.

  22. paranoidboytoy says:

    what is he talking about. your not supposed to water this plant alot.

  23. XxXStarLoveXxX says:

    Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century colonists toward the Americas took their pronounciation with them. During the nineteenth century, the British people started to sound the first letter, in a “spelling pronunciation.” So, the Americans are saying it the old fashioned way, and the Brits are playing around with their new-fangled words.

  24. XxXStarLoveXxX says:

    @Joelby81 Until the sixteenth century the word was usually spelled “erb”– it was a French word, who didn’t say the “h” either. Right up until to the nineteenth century, long after the ‘h’ had been added due to further icky French influence, that was also the way it was said. “erb.”

  25. BrenMcCloud says:

    yeah, I pronounce it “see-Lawn-tro,” weather it’s right or not!!

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