Garden Seating

Springtime is the time to get planning any hard landscaping (including raised garden beds) so that you can get it completed before your plants take over – and have time to add any more planting you might want.

Does your back garden have a need for more seating areas? I have found in my garden that the patio area is in the full glare of the sun the majority of the day, and I’m thinking about creating a seating area at the end of the garden nearer the shade of my hazel tree.

Perhaps you find that your main patio only enjoys sun in the morning or evening, and that you yearn to take your table and chairs to a different part of the garden where the sun shines at different times of the day.

Or maybe your garden is simply too compact for a main patio and you are just looking for a good-looking hard-standing area to put a small table and chair set on.

Creating a small seating area is not difficult and can certainly make a huge change to the way you make use of your garden – additionally, it can serve as another area to show your pots, and can change throughout the year as you make use of it to show off seasonal displays.

A simple way to build a small seating area is by using a paving kit that supplies everything you need to construct a shaped garden paving area – circles and squares are most popular and are available in all kinds of finishes, from olde-worlde styles to more modern designs. Pick one that really stands apart to make a feature, or decide on a more delicate design that blends easily into your garden. The benefit of these kind of kits is the fact that everything is supplied ready cut, and there are easy-to-follow instructions. Simply take your time to be certain you have a level base to work on before you begin and you’ll be sitting pretty by the summer months.

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