Easy Potted Herbs

Easy Potted Plants

Go down to the local garden centre today and get those herbs you love to taste..Bring home the pot and start enjoying the thrill of adding healthy fresh ingredients to your own cooking.

First Steps:

  1. If the herb is packed in a protective sleeve, first carefully remove from the sleeve, and then place the pot in a suitable container, or on a suitable tray/saucer,  in a light, warm and draft free position
  2. If the plant needs water now the pot will feel light when lifted.
  3. Place 2cm of water in the container (so watering from soakage), and leave to stand for 5 minutes.
  4. Drain any remaining water that has not soaked into the soil. Be careful not to over water plants, and of course, never refrigerate.

Simple Food Ideas:

Basil – add Mozzarella and basil to a embellish a lovely tomato salad

Thyme – add a sprig of thyme before cooking chicken or fish for that Mediterranean flavour

Parsley – pretty as a garnish, also use in marinades for chicken or lamb

Mint – best known served with lamb, mint is also perfect for making your own mint tea!

Coriander – very versatile, add a few leaves for a real thai taste, or to spice up an Indian curry; a natural partner to coconut, lime and chilli.

Chives – liven up a smoked salmon and cream cheese with a sprinkling of chopped chives. Great in  salads, in omelettes or added to scrambled eggs.

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