Different Ways to Improve Topsoil

There are various methods to keep a healthy topsoil in your garden, however, which way you choose will depend entirely on the quality of the topsoil in the first place.

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br />Understanding how topsoil is composed and what goes on inside it is a very useful way for gardeners to be able to improve their soil. The chemistry and physics of topsoil can be learnt from topsoil balance. It includes understanding topsoil physics, chemistry and biology which help to make sure that the topsoil’s structure, nutrients and biology are all balanced perfectly.

Using a system called Mikhail topsoil balance can be maintained easily. This system of topsoil balancing focuses firstly on the soil’s structure which enables good friability and topsoil composition so that living organisms can flourish. Topsoil is a little like the body of humans which needs a skeleton on which its other body components can be attached. Potassium, Hydrogen, Magnesium, Sodium and Calcium are all essential elements in good healthy Topsoil.

The Mikhail system then helps to ensure that the nutrients and biology of the topsoil is in order. Balancing the structure is then important. Essential elements for plant nutrition are Phosphorous, Potassium, Nitrogen and Sulphur. Once the topsoil’s structure has significantly improved and balance corrected, then fertiliser can be added to maintain the correct levels of these elements. The most common fertiliser is known as NPK, and most general fertilisers actually consist of these chemical elements. Trace elements are also important to topsoil.

Performing tests on topsoil will enable the missing components of the soil to be amended as required. Using soil testing apparatus is the perfect way to test the soil and get the necessary information for making improvements. The required fertiliser, lime and other soil improving material can then be obtained to ensure that the topsoil performs better.

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