Raised Beds in The Garden


Even if you only have a small plot of land to garden in, you should consider raised beds in the garden. They can work very well where large gardens are not practical. Here is a video showing how to create and use raised beds in the garden or on your patio. So if you do not …

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The Herb Garden

Parsley in garden

The herb garden So, the herb garden is generally a specific area of your garden that is devoted to growing herbs and maybe spices, – a specific group of plants. These areas of the garden may be informal patches of plants, or they can be individually designed, sometime gardeners like to arrange the plants in a way …

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Vegetables You Can Grow in Winter


Vegetables You can Grow in Winter You don’t need to stop growing altogether in winter – here are some great tips on vegetables you can grow in winter. John takes you on a tour of his suburban front yard /garden where he is growing many vegetables during the winter time. A great way to utilise your …

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Worm Composting Advice


Worm Composting Advice Some great Worm Composting Advice from a ‘worm expert’. Marjorie Peronto discusses the benefits and best methods of worm composting, and how to build your own worm composting container at home. She advises on red wigglers for the compost. Some great Worm Composting Advice – how to enjoy the benefits of worm …

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