About Garlic, Ginger and Chives I have just re-edited and republished my first compilation eBook on herbs and spices - this one is a aggregate of my first 3 books – all about Garlic, Ginger and Chives. The book is now available for ebook download via Amazon, or you can get a hardcopy from here.  I really enjoyed pulling this together […]

How To Grow a Herb Garden

How to grow a herb garden How To Grow A Herb Garden by VideojugLifestyleandHome

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How To Prune a Fruit Tree in Spring

Prune a fruit tree in spring to help stimulate the tree and open up space in the middle for it to grow. In this video an expert – Danny Botkin – shows how you should prune any fruit tree, and it is very important not to be too cautious. For spring gardeners – a great […]

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